Patio Covers 101: Materials, Styles, and Maintenance Tips

Your patio can be the ultimate hangout spot at any time of year in Albuquerque, New Mexico. However, during rainy seasons and the monsoon season, it might be wise to invest in a patio cover.

Patio covers are an affordable and effective solution for homeowners looking to add style and protection to their patios. But, like anything else you buy, there are plenty of options that can leave you feeling overwhelmed with choices. ABC Seamless of Albuquerque can help ease your anxiety with this helpful primer on patio covers. Let’s dig in!

Patio Cover Materials

You have plenty of material choices if you’re in the market for a patio cover. Several standard options can fulfill your needs, such as:


Thanks to its natural appeal, wood is a popular choice. Wood can be stained or painted, allowing you to match it to your home’s existing exterior. However, upkeep is required so the material deteriorates slowly over time.


Another common choice is aluminum, which is durable and low-maintenance. It resists rusting and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Like wood, routine upkeep is necessary to ensure it lasts.


Vinyl is cost-effective and weather-resistant. It is also easy to clean and maintain. The material’s versatility allows for various styles and colors, giving you a patio cover that can match any home.


Steel is an attractive option for homeowners seeking a premium solution because it is a high-quality product that can withstand almost anything. While steel covers are highly durable, they can be prone to rust if not properly treated and maintained. Regular inspections and protective coatings can help prevent corrosion.

Ready to Make a Choice?

ABC Seamless of Albuquerque is ready to be part of your patio cover solution. If you’re prepared to learn more about our selection of patio covers and enjoy the outdoors again, contact us today to get started.

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